Saturday, May 29, 2010

A Visit to Cu Chi Tunnel, Vietnam

I had the opportunity to visit Ho Chi Minh City. One of the itineraries is to visit Cu Chi tunnel. These tunnels were dug up by the Vietnamese years ago especially in their fighting against their enemies. Vietnam's war history dated back in 1860 until 1980. It took 120 years of war killing millions of people and leaving many people loss their parts of their bodies. The last war was with China (northern region). I learned more on Vietcong Vs Americans in the 1970's. The war made many Vietnamese fled the country and became refugees. Some landed in Australia, USA and Canada. Now , the war was over. The tunnels are open for the public to see. This tunnel was declared as historic vestige site on December 15, 2004  by the government. It becomes a source of income through gate ticketing.

Cu Chi is about 70km north-west of Ho Chi Minh city. It is a rural area. Going to visit the tunnels, you must pass through villages, country side, rubber plantation and agricultural areas. Once you reach the Cu Chi tunnel, you pay VD75,000 for the entrance. You walk down the concrete tunnel first, then you are ushered to a sunken hut which display the video on the war and tunnel. Then you are introduced to the tunnel.

Inside the hut where briefing on the tunnels was done.

The briefing by this war veteran is also given on the bus before you arrive at the tunnel..

The guide (a war veteran) gave the briefing on the tunnels. The tunnels have three layers: the top, middle and lower level. I was told the tunnels have meeting rooms, accommodation, kitchen, toilet etc. The water is taken from Saigon river nearby. Actually there are two sites, but we were only introduced the tunnels at Ben Dinh.

The opening of the tunnel. Only a small body can go in this tunnel. The fat person if insist will be stuck.

I tried to experience the tunnel. I am  fat and found difficulty to come out.....

Visitors attentively listening to the guide's briefing.

Entering the tunnel. It is very narrow and low. It can accommodate small frame people.

If you can not proceed crawling inside the tunnel, it is better to come out. There are many exit points along the way. The tunnel is winding and you can hide.

The attap roof (dried leaves) of the tunnel.

Some bombs were displayed.

If you are interested to visit, you can contact the local travel agent. The fee to and fro is USD5 excluding the lunch and entrance fee. Dress comfortably in case to need to crawl in the tunnel. To know details go to this web  Happy travelling.

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