Saturday, May 1, 2010

Madurodam, Holland.

Madurodam is a miniature city near Hague, Holland. It was opened in  1952 and was named after George Maduro, an army who died in the World War II. This miniature city erected as a monument. It has more than 170 miniatures consisted of important buildings, old castles, museums, ports, airports, windmills, tunnels, rivers, bridges, railways, boats and ships, arboretum, parks, lakes, factories, clock tower, train station etc.

Madurodam was an expensive investment made by the Dutch. Besides the miniatures, it has souvenir shops, restaurants, toilets, information centres, playground, picnic area, telephone booths, office and rooms for any occasion such as meetings, party, wedding or business event.

The army marching on the street.

The cathedral and typical Dutch building.

Old buildings.

If you wish to visit this city, take a train from Amsterdam's Central station to Hague. From Hague (Ben Haag) take a bus to Madurodam. Bus ride is only 20 minutes. You need to pay the entrance fee for a few euros only. Happy travel.  

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  1. nice post, i like to see this city if i have chance to visit Holland one day