Saturday, February 9, 2013

The changing skyline of Makkah

Makkah, the world's spiritual city of the Muslims is changing its skyline. Old building around the Grand Mosque are slowly disappearing, giving way to tall new buildings. These buildings become the shopping malls and hotels.

The Grand Mosque too, is under renovation, expanding its capacity to house more pilgrims and visitors.

The site is being prepared for new buildings. Two years ago, this site was full of hotels. This area is just 50 metres behind Hilton Hotel.
Changing skyline of Makkah. The board tells us the mosque is under a massive renovation.

The cranes are everywhere.

Makkah at night.
Once the renovation is completed, it can accommodate more people (jamaah) inside it.
For the tall buildings, new hotels are mushrooming within 100 metres radius of the Grand Mosque. At the moment, more hotels are found around Ajyad Road. Room rates  differ from hotel to hotel based on location and services provided. Certainly, hotels close to the Grand Mosque are more expansive.

The next time you visit this city, you will notice more tall buildings and train stations within the city.
Happy travelling.