Monday, May 17, 2010

Fly Over Mount Cook, New Zealand

Mount Cook is one of the highest mountains in New Zealand. Located in the South Island, Mount Cook has a permanent snow-capped on its top. Flying over this mountain range gives you experience of  seeing the work of glaciation: the erosion and its deposition. I found this is very exciting. A 20-minute helicopter ride  take you around the mountainous area and land at one of the strategic points on the mountain.

The mountain ridge with snow. This picture was taken in summer.

The valley is barren. The remnants of the glazier is still there.

Taking a picture on the mountain top with the pilot (on the right).

Posing for picture. 

If you are interested to fly over this mountain, Glentanner is a place where you can get the service of the helicopter. To go there,  you need to go to Twizel first. The flying cost per person is NZ$210.00. One helicopter ride can accommodate six persons. Happy travel.

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