Friday, May 21, 2010

Mecca and Medina, Saudi Arabia.

Mecca and Medina are two holy cities  to the Muslims. The Holy Qur'an mentions able Muslims have the obligation to perform Haj at this place once in their lifetime. Mecca has a Kaabah where all Muslims in the world have to face  while praying. This Kaabah is sited in the Masjidil Haram Mosque, Mecca. 

While Medina, 400km north of Mecca, has the tomb of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), the last prophet of Islam. The tomb is located inside the Masjid Nabawi.

These cities are crowded during the Haj period where millions of Muslims all over the world perform their Haj and Umrah. Another peak season to these cities is the fasting month of Ramadan where Muslims from over the world would perform their Umrah. The virtues of performing umrah and other good conducts during Ramadan are great.

The Kaabah, the centre for performing tawaf (encircle anti-clock-wise seven times).

The Kaabah and the tall buildings at the back. Mecca is experiencing fast growth.

 More people are performing the tawaf at night. This picture is taken from the second floor.

The Masjidil Haram at night. The concourse is always full of people.

One of the roads that lead to the Al Haram  Mosque.

Al Haram Mosque. This picture is taken during the construction of the upper floors of Safa and Marwah.

The building around the Mosque.

Masjid Nabawi in Medina in the evening.

Medina during the day.

Shopping street of Medina.

Masjid Nabawi and the hotels on the right.

The dates market, 200 metres from the mosque.

Masjid Kuba, the first mosque in Medina. It is about 4 km south of Medina.

Replica of the zam zam well in the museum. You can visit this museum while you are in Mecca as it is closer to Mecca. Every pilgrim is allowed to bring home 10 litres of zam zam water.

There are a few areas or sites around Mecca that you can visit such the Museum, the Quran Printing Plant (the largest in the world), historic places of Hudaibiyah, Jaaranah and Tanaim. Around Madinah too, you can visit Dates Market, Masjid Quba (the first mosque established by the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), magnetic hills (hills that have magnetic power), dates plantation and other historic places.

If you decide to visit Mecca, you must perform umrah or haj. Before you go, you must learn the rules of performing the umrah or haj. Learn the do's and the don'ts. If not, you will be in a very bad situation as your umrah or haj will not be properly carried out. Take opportunity to beg Allah for His Forgiveness and Mercy.

The Saudi government has made it compulsory for foreigner who wish to perform the haj or umrah to apply for visa. By the way only the Muslims can enter Mecca. Happy travelling.

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