Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tongli Water City, Shanghai, China

Tongli Water City is two hours by road from Shanghai, China. It is gazetted as heritage city by UNESCO. It is an old town being preserved for future generation.

Tongli has a few canals serving the residential and commercial establishments. Unlike Amsterdam or Bangkok which have wide canal, Tongli has a smaller size of canals.

It is interesting to look at Tongli where the women row the boat for a living. They are serious people wanting to uplift the standard of living.

Get on the boat to experience the canal.

Boats are parked along the canal. Note that the canal is narrow.

The lady that uses her power to move the boat.

Some old birds are kept on a junk.
The house by the canal.

The boats look sunken in the canal. Note that there are bicycles, table and chairs for people to sit by the canal.

Visitors look satisfied after touring the area.

The nice house with lanterns by the canal.

The souvenir shop selling  many handicrafts including the fans.

The group photo by a group of tourists.

If you decide to visit this city, take a cab or arrange with local guide. Tongli is located on the eastern part of Shanghai. Happy travel.

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