Monday, May 10, 2010

Huang Po River Cruise, Shanghai, China.

Taking a river cruise at night is an interesting activity if you happen to be on holiday. Many world cities offer some kind of river cruising to their patrons at a small fee. I am going to tell you about cruising the Huang Po river in Shanghai. It is interesting once you are on the cruise. You can look at the waterfront, look at the buildings beautifully decorated with colourful lights and feel the cool breeze. There are other activities on the ship like singing or dining. This cruise will take around one hour.

The building at the Bund, the waterfront.

Shanghai's buildings are decorated with colourful lights.

Huang Po at night.

Patrons enjoying the cruise. Those wishing to sit near the railing have to book their seats.

Some patrons who do not dine here and therefore they sit at the centre. It is quite crowded.

The Chinese singer is entertaining patrons on the ship.

The staircases at the cruise liner.

Patrons are going out after the cruise.

If you are interested to cruise the ship at night, please be early at the Bund. The program starts at 8.30 pm till 9.30pm. This means you have to be there by 7.30pm. It is crowded with people and going on queue to board the ship is frustratingly slow. Once on the ship, it is quite okay. It's an hour cruise at a fee. You can buy the ticket at the booths along the Bund. Happy travel.

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