Monday, October 14, 2013

A Glimpse of Jakarta

Jakarta is the capital of Indonesia, has more than 10 millions inhabitants. Located on the north west of Java, Jakarta has attracted many foreign tourists to visit and enjoy the food and tourist places. I had spent 4 days and 3 nights in Jakarta and  had time visiting Monas, Pasar Abang, Istiqlal Mosque, Old Batavia, shopping complex, and Blok M. Below are some pictures that I took during my stay in Jakarta. Lovely place to visit....

A statue at Jalan Sudirman. 

Commuters at Sudirman train station (in the morning). Fare is cheap and is subsidized by the government.

Old Batavia. It is big square (Fatahillah Square)  with many old buildings around and were being restored and conserved by the authority. Take a transjakarta bus to Kota and walk a few meters to this place....

An attraction to the Old Batavia Conservation Area.

Top floor of the Tanah Abang commuter station where tickets are sold.

Quenching his thirst....Old Batavia Conservation Area.

A must for visitor to try  Avocado drink. Cost of 10,000 rupiah per glass.

Menara 46 along Jalan Sudirman, a new landmark of Jakarta.

Private vehicles in Jakarta. Traffic congestion is a common sight. You are advised to take Transjakarta bus which has dedicated lane to avoid congestion. The flat price 3,500 rupiah for any distance along the line (route). TransJakarta bus has 13 lines and it functions like any metro or LRT in other cities, the difference is the vehicle is the buses  while LRT/MRT are trains.

Tanah Abang shopping complex.

Istiqlal Mosque, the biggest in Indonesia which can accommodate 200,000 prayers at a time.

Monuments at Jalan Sudirman near Monas.

View of Monas, a must visit. Entrance via the tunnel underneath. Fee: 5000 rupiah and another 10,000 rupiah if you want to go up. It advisable to be early in the morning if you want to go up  to avoid long queue which might take hours.....

5 star hotel along Jalan Thamrin.

Small souvenirs sold at Monas.

A kind of bench for the visitors to is inside a restaurant called Selero Jumbo, near Sarinah Shopping Mall. Selero Jumbo offers authentic Sumatran cuisine. Price per plate is around 40,000 rupiah.

Gambir Railway Station in central Jakarta. It is a station for people going to Bandung and other cities.

At the top of Monas. Smiling Indonesia scouts joined in.

A village right in urban Jakarta, similar to any south east Asian cities around.
Tanah Abang Complex.

Note for the Muslim travelers: 

The airport (Terminal 3) has a few prayer rooms. Arrival hall has one musalla (on the left before you exit the hall) while the departure hall has separate musalla for men and women. 

The DAMRI bus cost 30,000 rupiah/person which goes to the city centre (Gambir Station). Taxi may cost more. Venturing Jakarta:  try walking, commuter train and buses. Occasionally take blue taxi (has meter). 

Shopping for common items, try Tanah Abang while expensive ones in Plaza Indonesia or Grand Indonesia which are located at Jalan Thamrin (next to each other). 

For food, try at Food Court at many supermarkets. Cheaper food at roadside mobile food stalls. Accommodation is best along Jalan Thamrin, as you can visit many places nearby.