Monday, May 17, 2010

International Antarctica Centre, Christchurch.

International Antarctica Centre in Christchurch, New Zealand is a centre where you can experience the Antarctic and its climate. It had a big building with several chambers or hall where simulation of what was happening in Antarctica was duplicated.

In here, you can experience the blizzard (strong winds), the sun rise and sun set, cold temperature of minus 15 celcius; you can watch the exhibition and even you can ride the vehicle.

When you enter the cold chamber, you will be given the special shoe (so that you will not fall down when you  walk in the snow) and a jacket to keep warm. If you are not careful in wearing the jacket, you will feel numbness   on the exposed parts of your body. The first area to feel numbness is certainly the ears and hands.

The briefing is given by the staff before you enter the chamber.

Riding on this motionless vehicle is quite an experience. Without wearing hand gloves and head cover is worse. You may suffer frost bite. You can not stay here for long. You have to get out of this chamber once you feel numbness and frost bite.

The coldness really made you feel chilly. The snow is real.

Some of the visitors enjoy themselves riding the motionless Antarctica vehicle.

If you happen to be in Christchurch, I recommend you to visit this centre. If you do not enjoy the coldness, you can visit the exhibition area which is very informative. Many research had been conducted by the participating countries and some were displayed here. This centre is very close to the airport. You need to pay the entrance fee. Happy travel.

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