Saturday, May 1, 2010

Keukenhorf, Holland

Keukenhorf is a beautiful garden in Holland.It is located near Leiden. The park is very big and full of tulips and other flowers. This colourful garden is well maintained and open to public in April and May every year. There are many flower processions in this garden. They are being scheduled at certain days and time only. It attracts million of tourists all over the world.

The flower beds.

The flowers are arranged in a certain manner.

The flowers with the tall trees around.

The beautiful tulips.

The flower procession attracted thousands of people.

Inside the green house.

Flowers, flowers....

A different sections of the lawn.

A beautiful lawn that can be a source of inspiration to many people.

The orange tulips.

For those who wish to visit this garden, take a train from Amsterdam's Central Station to Leiden.  When you reach Leiden, go out of the station and take a bus to Keukenhorf. You need a day to enjoy the garden. There many food kiosks in the garden. So do not worry about the drink and food. Take your time and snap a lots of pictures. Happy travel.

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