Saturday, May 22, 2010

Urban Planning Exhibition Hall, Shanghai, China

Shanghai is the largest city in China. Being a big metropolitan city, Shanghai boasts economic magnet for investors. This city is special in terms of urban planning and development. It has an Urban Planning Exhibition Hall exclusively to display urban planning and development of Shanghai. It is open for the public to view.

The 5-storey building is located in the city centre at People's Square near Nanjing Road and Central Tibet Road.Behind it is the Shanghai Municipal Government Office.

It has many physical models, transportation of Shanghai, virtual Shanghai (where you may feel as if you fly through Shanghai), souvenir shop at various levels and the top floor is the restaurant and viewing gallery. This exhibition and its material is very useful for city planners and city fathers to learn about Shanghai.

The front of the building facing Central Tibet Road.

The signage of the hall.

The model of tall buildings in Shanghai is located at the ground floor.

Model of Shanghai.

Another model.

The River front development.

The souvenir shop.

The cross section of the integrated station.

Visitors appreciate the model.

Shanghai model attracts many people.

If you are in Shanghai, I suggest you find time to visit this exhibition hall. It is close to Nanjing Street.You need to pay a ticket to enter this hall. You can take a cab or use the subway and stop at People's Square (line 2). Happy travel.

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