Thursday, August 5, 2010

Kelam Cave: A Tourism Asset in Perlis, Malaysia

One of the tourism assets in Perlis is Gua Kelam. Nestled in a 5000-hectare of Wang Mu and Mata Ayer Forest Reserves, Kelam Cave lies in the limestone hills of Nakawan Range which has features of steep slope and underground river. It was once used as a tin mining areas.

 The entrace to the Complex

There are two caves open for  the public. The cave-1, you can see and observe the stalactites on the ceiling and the underground river. You can walk  along the 381 metre wooden bridge to cross the underground river and appreciate the cave environment. There is ample lights to guide your walk.

The entrance to Cave-2

 The trains

The cave-2, you have to climb staircases and take a train ride for 400 metres into the cave. The cave-2 is quite high from the cave-1. Here, you can see the remnants of the tin-mining areas. It has poles, cut wall etc indicating the activity of mining. You also can hear the sound of water. All dangerous holes or caves are covered with safety net.

The cave-1

The train has seven coaches. Each coach can take only four persons. The coach glides on the parallel poles. After 400 metres, you have to get out of the coach and take a walk. The trail is quite dark and has lights at intervals. You can see stalactites, hear the sound of trickling water and see the ex-mining areas. The floors of the mining areas keep on lowering as evidence in the rising ceiling height of the cave. It is quite a hectic climb and walk. You need stamina to survive this exploration. Those unfit, it is advisable not to go into cave-2. You will end your trails in cave-1 and exit from cave-1.

The cave with lighting inside.

Kelam cave now is being managed by the Forestry Department since 2009. The complex has other facility and attraction too. It has gallery, souvenir shop, toilet, bathing area (rivers), camping site which can accommodate 200 persons and parking areas.

It is open from 8.00am to 6.00pm and with admission fee of RM5.00 adult and RM3.00 children. You need at least 2 hours to explore the caves. If you are interested to visit this cave, take a drive  from Kangar to Padang Besar. When you reach Timah Tasor, turn left towards Kaki Bukit. Afer 6km, you will reach a junction, then take left until you reach the foothills.  Happy travelling.