Sunday, March 18, 2012

Mosques and Halal Food in Chiang Mai

This posting is meant for the Muslim travellers who perhaps wish to visit Chiang Mai in the future. I hope you will find this posting useful.

There are a few mosques in Chiang Mai. I have counted at least four: 1) in the city Changklan Road-Charoen Prathet 1,  2) 2.5km south of Hidayatul Mosque at Changklan road near Farook Hotel, 3) near Chang Phuak Road, 4) near the stadium in the northern part of the city.
Hidayatul Mosque at Changklan Road in the city centre.

However, the mosque that is located in the city centre is Hidayatul Mosque at Changklan Road-Charoen Prathet 1. This mosque is quite big and has offices and religious school.

As far as the halal restaurant or food stall is concern, the Sophia restaurant in front of Hidayatul Mosque serves Malay and Thai dishes. The Le Spice  next lane close to Kilare Night Bazaar serves north Indian and Thai dishes.

At the Anusarn Night Bazaar, there are many stalls and restaurants that serve seafood, Arab food and rotee, simple burger and fried me.
Halal Restaurant at Anusarn Night Bazaar.

Around the mosque at the south of Changklan road near Farook Hotel, there are a few stalls and restaurants operate by the Muslims there.

Happy traveling.


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  5. Going chiang mai next 2 weeks...might be staying ar aruntara near charoen far is from the mosqueband how far to night many minutes walk? Tq

    1. your hotel is about 2.5 km south of the mosque (at charoen prathet 1. All along this main road, there are a lot of stalls selling many souvenirs at night. You visit Anusarn Night Market (for eating and shopping) or the Kalare Night Market near the mosque. Get a map. Have fun. Happy travelling.

    2. Tq...your blog is a big help..good job..keep it up..

  6. Wan Hassan. Assalamualaikum. Last visited CM 20 years ago. Any updates on muslim friendly hotels around Anusarn?