Sunday, March 26, 2017

Visiting Madinah in the beginning of 2017

1-12 January 2017, I had the opportunity to visit Madinah in  Saudi Arabia for a few days. I joined a  group from Kuala Lumpur who are going to perform umrah. We took a flight direct from KL to Madinah.

Once we reached Madinah, it was a plain easy journey to our hotel. Madinah's new airport terminal was just opened. The passing of  immigration and custom was smooth and fast. The next time, if you are going to Mecca for umrah, entry and exit from Madinah is a good option.

As usual, during our short stay, we performed congregational prayer five times a day at Masjid Nabawi, visit historical places around Madinah, visit the Prophet's grave and sahabat's graves, and a bit of sight seeing and shopping.

Madinah is a cooling city, surrounded  by a chain of hills, where core activity start from the mosque. During the night journey from the airport to the city, I was surprised to see a good lighting (blue in color)  beaming around Mount Uhud making it so beautiful. This is naturally, to me,  a new spot suitable for night tour  in the distant future.