Saturday, June 19, 2010

City Centre of Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia

Kota Kinabalu (KK), formerly known as Jesselton is the capital of Sabah, Malaysia. What I am going to tell you now  is some of the attractions in the city centre of Kota Kinabalu. Its centre lies along Jalan Tun Fuad Stephen on the coastal side and the few roads inland. The centre has blocks of commercial buildings and now more hotels and hotel apartments are under construction especially on the sea-reclamation area.

The apartments and the shopping area.

The park in between the buildings.

The Marina Court, apartments for hire on daily or monthly basis.

When you are in KK city centre, you cannot miss visiting a few places such as Pasar Budaya (they call it Filipino Market) which sells handicrafts and souvenir items. This market is a  single storey wooden market. It has many small stalls or cubicles which makes the patrons difficult to move around due to its narrow circulation area. If you want to buy, do bargain, at least 60 percent. If you want more quality, go to Jamilah Jewellery at the proper shop at Sinsuran Building at the back of La Meridien Hotel.

Next to this market is Pasar Ikan Masin (Dried Salted Fish Market). Here there are many dried sea food products such as dried prawn, dried salted fish, and other fish related products. It is considered cheap. But you still need to bargain as the opening price may be high.

The evening food stalls which sell grilled fish, grilled prawn, and other sea-food looks delicious. Its smell make your taste buds excrete saliva. If you want to taste the grilled fish and feel the atmosphere (like a sauna...), I think it is better to have it here. Ask for the price when you order the food and drink.

You also can buy fresh fish or prawn at the central market  which is about 100 metres from this market. You may get cheap if you go in the early morning. If you stay in the apartment (which allow cooking), certainty buying fresh fish from this market can save a lot. This is so if you are travelling with large family.

Brooch sold at Culture Market.

This is the real shop that sells many brooches and other crystals. You can be a member to get big discount.

One of the shopping complexes in the city centre. The one at 1 Borneo is even bigger but it is located 10km north. Behind this building is the bus station.

The daily market next to the Culture Market.

The evening food stalls near the market. Sabah is blessed with sea-food.

Patrons are having dinner at the stall.

Nowadays, the space between the buildings are covered with special roof and are equipped with air-conditioner. This made the patrons comfortable.

The traffic at the market.

The front of the Salted Fish Market.

Other places of interest for shopping are Centre Points where many upmarket products are sold. 1 Borneo is a new shopping mall for KK but it is located away from the city centre. There is a free shuttle bus  from the city to 1 Borneo. If you are interested, go to the bus stop opposite the culture Market or ask around.

Beside the shopping, do visit the water front, the museum, Signal Hill (where you can see the entire city facing the sea), Likas Bay and Tanjong Aru (where the beach is). This is what I call city tour.

If you want independent travelling without guide, you can take mini-buses at the station near the Plaza Wawasan. Happy Travelling.

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