Monday, May 13, 2013

Visit to the Chimelong International Circus, Guangzhou

Last March 2013, I had the opportunity to visit the world's biggest circus in Pangyu, Guangzhou, China. The travel time from the city to Pangyu is about one hour. Pangyu is located to the south of Guangzhou, at the edge of the city, near the mountains.

We went there with a chartered van driven by 29-year old man by the name of Mr. Lee. When we reached the area, it is already 7.00 pm. Lee just left us at the gate of the Chimelong International Circus. We walked across the road and started queuing at the entrance gate. There were many people, thousands of them waiting outside. I guess, it is Saturday night, many parents bring their children with them.

We took our time and took pictures of the area, their sign boards and the patrons. The entrance fee to the show alone cost us RMB270 per pax. By 7.20 pm, we were already inside the hall. This hall can accommodate easily 7000 people at the a time. I looked around the hall and saw 3/4 is occupied.

We took our seat at the centre of the gallery overlooking the big stage. The large stage is separated by a water body (a canal ) from the audience. The ceiling is high with glittering lights all over. The circus is using the high tech with big screen at strategic places.

The trapeze, acrobat and other performers comes from all over the world. The animals are also introduced and make performance : horses, chimpanzees, tigers, lions, ducks, birds, elephants, pigs, dogs etc.

Among the highlights are the trapeze swinging at high ropes and had triple somersault; bikers in a cage (racing in the circular cage without knocking each other); women riding horses in various ways; acts of balancing on a moving wheel; performance of clowns playing tricks; parading  of animals on stage including the ducks in the waterway.

One impressing moment to me, was a flock of white birds coming from one upper right window entered the hall, making their noises and exit through other left window and a chimpanzee playing guitar and had gangnam style dance.

The  1.5 hour show (7.30 pm-9.00pm) is not boring at all. It entertains us very well. Later, Lee picked us up at 10.00pm at the spot where he dropped us and brought us back to the hotel.

If you wish to visit this circus, it is recommended, you book the ticket first.

Happy travelling.