Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Amsterdam Canal, Holland

Amsterdam Canal has been constructed hundred over years in Amsterdam. It is now one of the major  tourist attraction areas. Located right in the city centre, the canals offer breath taking view of CBD Amsterdam. The property value is quite high along these canals. Some even buy boat houses park along the canals.These boat houses are not cheap.

The boat ride along the canal.

Note that the boat houses are parked along the canal. They have license from the city mayor. The 5-storey "tenement" houses here are the icon of Amsterdam.

Another type of boat cruising the canal. 

The canal water looks calm.

If you visit Amsterdam, take the opportunity to cruise the canals. You can choose what time that suit you. Morning ride is popular especially in summer. You can buy ticket for a few euros at many booths belonging to different operators near the Central Station. Happy travel.

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