Thursday, July 8, 2010

Rose Garden, Kundasang, Sabah

I had the opportunity to visit this garden recently. It is located in Kundasang, just a few metres from the War Memorial Museum. Going to the place, you have in enter a secondary road.

This garden belongs to the private company and you have to pay RM3.00 for the entrance. It is full of roses and cactuses. This garden supplies some of its flowers to the city. Although it is named as rose garden, it has other flowers too.

The red rose, very strong in scent.

This not roses; its flowers are used as medicine for curing insect bites.

Dark red rose

Different colours, it looks like a hybrid.

Pink rose.

Five roses 

White rose

Bell flower

Behind the rose garden is a large agricultural area and a village.

If you happen to visit the rich agricultural areas of Kundasang, you can visit this place. It also has a simple eating place for you to quench your thirst and has a light meal. Happy travelling.


  1. i love roses, specially those with great smell, i saw some roses in vietnam and Thailand without the smell, just wondered why

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