Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Window of the World, Shenzhen, China.

Shenzhen is the bustling city in South China. It is situated between Guangzhou in the north and Hong Kong in the South. There are a few theme parks in Shenzhen like  Splendid China, China Folk Cultural Village and Window of the World. I am going to tell you about Window of the World.

This theme park occupied a large area in the west of the city where many world buildings representing many countries are located here. It has sub-themes like the World Square, Asia, Europe, Americas, Sculpture and International Street. Buildings of Asia, Africa, Americas and Europe are constructed in small sizes as replicas and they are sources of tourist attractions. To enter the park, you must pay RMB 120.00 per person.(as of 2013, it has increased to RMB 160.00). Once inside, you can take elevated monorail to view the overall park for RMB20.

The Sign board of the park.

The overall area consists of miniature of more than 50 objects like China gate, Egypt Gate, Pyramids, Angkor Wat, Grand palace of Thailand, Taj mahal, Eiffel Tower, Colliseum, Pisa, Venice, Niagara Falls, the alps and the snow world.

The last station of the Metro and this lead to the entrance. The shape is like Paris Museum.

The China gate, the first gate to follow through.

European villages.

Replica of Eiffel Tower.

Replica of The Pyramids.

If you are interested to visit this park, take the Shenzhen Metro line 1 from the city centre passing the stations like Guo Mo, Lao jie, Daju Yuan, Kexueguan, Huanqianglu, Gang Xie, Hui Zhan, Gouwugongyuan, Xianmihu, Chegongmiao, Zhuzilin, Qiaanchengdong, Huanqiocheng and Shijie. Shijie is the last station and you embark, walk up the stairs and you will see the park. The one way ticket is RMB5. The ride will take 30 minutes one way. Do not forget to take pictures. You need at least 5 hours in order to view and appreciate this park. For food and drinks, there are many food kiosks in this park. Happy travelling.

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