Saturday, April 3, 2010

Pantai Cenang, Langkawi, Malaysia

Langkawi is an island located in the northern part of Peninsular Malaysia. It is in the state of Kedah. Going to Langkawi island, you either can go via ferry from Kuala Perlis or Kuala Kedah which took an hour or you  can travel by air. Langkawi is famous for its beaches and over 100 small islands around it. Its Kilim geopark is one of the parks that was recognised by the world body and was gazetted. It is similar to the Halong Bay in Vietnam.

I like to tell you about one of the best beaches in Langkawi. It is the Cenang beach. Located on the western part of the island, 30-minute ride from Kuah, or 10 minutes from the airport, Cenang beach attracts many patrons. Its wide beach can host many activities (especially in the morning or evening) like swimming, sun-bathing, jogging, walking, yoga, or beach volleyball. Other activities offer are boating, para gliding, kayaking and sometimes you can ride motor scooters.

Under the coconut trees, you can sit and read your favourite novels, or writing articles. Some chalets offer traditional body massage or foot reflexology. This reflexology now seems every where. Body massage is a must try for foreigner. It helps in blood circulation and it strengthens your body immunity system too. The cost is around RM50.00 (USD15).

Cenang beach is sheltered by a few islands thus there is no big waves. It is safer to swim here.

This is one of the chalets at Cenang. 

Life can be easy going here. You can forget your tension or work pressure. Just look at the sea and inhale the breeze.It is wonderful. You feel relax. The chalets not only offer simple beds but also good food. You can choose what kind of food you want. Try to sample Malaysian food like laksa kedah (a kind of rice noodle with fish gravy garnish with shredded cucumber and pineapple). For the night activities, you can walk to the night market nearby, or spend time at many bistros and cafe along the road. For those who enjoy collecting souvenirs, there are many souvenirs shops around. You just pick, bargain and pay.

The water falling into this bowl has therapeutic value.

Even this chalet offer calmness to any patron.

This small pond in the chalet vicinity offers some help to calm your mind.

The entrance of a chalet. Water can be a source of life.

This beach has kayaking activity in the evening.

Enough chairs and tables are provided for patrons.

Some chalet operators has indulged in landscaping to woo clients.

The welcoming path to the chalet has parallel elongated ponds. It softens the atmosphere.

Gadgets like umbrella looks tropical.

The signboard looks attractive and diverse.

The exit wooden gate resembles old Malay houses in the countryside.

Wooden signboard is specially made to give tropical look to this restaurant.

Those who wish to spent some time here must be ready to experience hot  and humid weather. Bring enough cotton clothes which certainly can absorb your sweats. It releases toxin from your body. You get free sauna. Take a lot of plain water to offset the water loss. Consider using disposable underwear. If you want sun-tan your skin, this is a good place. 

There are a few other attractions in Langkawi which you can visit: a cable car ride Gunung Mat Chincang; boating through the Kilim Geopark; Underwater World (in Cenang itself), and of course Kuah town. If you have  a tight schedule, allow 3 days and two nights in Langkawi. Happy travel.

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