Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sultan Ahmad Shah Mosque, Kuantan, Malaysia.

When I travelled to Kuantan, I used to go to this mosque. It is a beautiful mosque in town by the name of Sultan Ahmad Shah Mosque and very accessible. It is located in the town centre near the government offices, high courts, museum and banks. It occupies the former Kuantan mosque site which was razed to the ground and was replaced by the present mosque. The former mosque had only one big dome and the present has many small beautiful domes.

A view from the open space and parking area.

A view from the banks.

A view from the top.

A road sign "Jalan Masjid" means Mosque Road.

The mosque at night with glittering lights. A view from the open space.

The mosque is over 20 years old and it can accommodate 2,000 people. The prayer hall is big and its high ceiling makes it cooler. There are many toilets for both sexes. If you want to visit this mosque, you can always drive to Jalan Besar and when you reach the open space, turn left to Jalan Masjid and park your vehicle at the parking bay. You will find this mosque very calming, cool atmosphere and has good sound quality. Happy travel.

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