Friday, April 23, 2010

Scenic Penarik, Malaysia.

Malaysia, especially the east coast states of the peninsular is blessed with beautiful beaches. Right from  Mersing in the south to Bachok in the north, there are good beaches for you to stop and have your picnic  or taking pictures. What I am going to tell you is another beach and coastal environment that had attracted me. It is Penarik  in the state of Terengganu, Malaysia.

Penarik is a small village lies 60 km north of Kuala Terengganu, located close to the sea. It is rural in nature and majority work as fisherman. Penarik is really interesting and eye catching due to its scenic nature. Not all beaches has the one that Penarik has. Penarik is a name in Malay which means "attraction".

This skeleton house is yet to be completed. 

This beautiful house with the green grass in the front and the sea at the back adds value to the environment.

The wall made of coconut leaves act as a barrier to strong wind in Monsoon season. It reduces the wind speed and hence protect the houses.

The village environment.

The children as usual use their past times playing kite.

Penarik beach.

The accommodation for visitors. The houses are old Malay traditional house being rebuilt.More than 20 houses are constructed on this site. Behind these houses, there is a river. You can take a rowing boat to appreciate the rich bio-diversity of the area.

This chalet can give a good experience to those who want to feel Terengganu's culture and tradition.

Coconut trees are the trademarks of Terengganu beach.

The road linking Penarik with other towns. The island in the background is Pulau Redang.

If you were from Kuala Lumpur or Kuala Terengganu, you take a coastal road to Kampung Raja. You will pass Batu Rakit and proceed to Merang. By the way, Merang is the transit point to Pulau Redang. Then proceed to Penarik. On the way from Merang to Penarik, you will be amazed with the scenic beauty of this drive especially near Rhu Sepuluh. You will see the blue sea and casuarina trees decorating the coastal landscape.It can relieve your stress. You can forget your problem. Stop and take  a sip of coconut juice as there many many stalls around. Listen to the wind. Inhale the breeze. It can rejuvenate and relax your tired muscles. Happy travel.

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