Saturday, April 17, 2010

Kuantan River Front, Malaysia

Kuantan is a town in the state of Pahang. Being the state capital for many decades, it has many beautiful places worth visiting. Kuantan has beautiful beaches and river. What I am going to tell you is about the water front of Kuantan River (promenade). Located opposite to the Tengku Ampuan Afzan hospital (HTAA), Kuantan river promenade has a nice  walk way that can be used as jogging track or strolling. There is a good jetty for you to take a boat ride.

Quite a wide promenade where you can walk along the river bank. Further, you can see a bridge linking to Tanjong Lumpur, the fisherman's village.

The jetty for boat ride next to the walkway.

The name of the town is fixed at the mangrove area. A view from the walkway.

River front at night. A view from the platform jetty.

The jetty at night.
There are food stalls selling drinks and meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner even supper. If you like the panorama here, you can have your lunch here. For those who like night scene, eating nasi lemak ayam goreng (coconut rice with spicy fried chicken) at this promenade can fun. Those who like fishing, you can bring your fishing rod and enjoy fishing. Even those who likes photography can shoot the night scene here. 

What I am telling you is on the urban side of it. You can view the Kuantan river from the opposite side i.e. Tanjong Lumpur side. This side is rural in nature where you can find lots of fishing boats are parked.

An evening view of Kuantan River front from Tanjong Lumpur. You can see the fisherman's boat here.

Lots of boats are here and the jetties are made of wood.

For those who like to experience this area, you can drive to Jalan Besar, next to the General Hospital and stop at the parking area and walk a few metres to the promenade. If you want to see from the other side, you can drive to Tanjong Lumpur (3 km) and walk through rural houses till you reach the river bank. For your information, Tanjong Lumpur hosts lots of nightly restaurants where ikan bakar (marinated grilled fish) and other seafoods are served. Happy travelling.

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