Monday, April 13, 2015

Makan Cafe, Portobello, London

I had an opportunity to visit a restaurant by the name of Makan Cafe, in the heart of Portobello Street in London (Portobello is famous for its antique market in London).

Makan Cafe offers Malaysian cuisine at affordable price and is well-like by its patrons. Streams of patrons comes in and out from this Cafe. Patrons are both locals and those visiting London. It offers breakfast, lunch, tea, and dinner. That includes noodles, chicken dishes, lamb curry, seafood, drinks, desserts, vegetable dishes, rice, all day breakfast,  Open at 9.00 am and close at 9.00 pm, this Cafe offers authentic Malaysian dishes !

This Cafe belongs to a Malaysian who operate it years ago. It started from one shop, later as it is successful, it expanded to the next shop. So, now adjoining shop combine with the original shop to make it a better dining environment and spacious too.

I talked to the owner, Madam Hairani who hails from Terengganu, Malaysia. She is a nice  charming lady in her early fifties. Her strong will and commitment paves her way to success.

The entrance to Makan Cafe
One side of the restaurant

Variety of food are being served

Affordable price



T-shirt sold in Makan Cafe

A visitor and the owner (black blouse)

The owner (blue blouse) and the patrons.
This Cafe seems to be  a good meeting point for locals and visitors to London especially Malaysians as it offers many delicacy and Malaysian dishes and desserts.

During my recent visit, I found many Malaysian students who come all the way from Germany. They came in group purposely to taste the food here while visiting friends in London.

Malaysian students happy enough to pose for this picture
So next time you are in London, do visit Makan Cafe. It is located at 270, Portobello Road, London W10 5TY (Tel +44 208960 5169). For details, visit The nearest tube station to Makan Cafe is Ladbroke Grove in Zone 2. Happy travelling.

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