Monday, April 13, 2015

Eating Place in Manchester, England

I had the opportunity to visit this city, a city that is not too big but famous for its football clubs i.e Manchester United. Manchester has a lot of higher institutions that attracts students globally. Its population is rather mix ethnic. I found some are from the Indo-Pakistan and Chinese origins.

The city centre is centrally located and Piccadilly is right in the city centre. The city is served by inter-city trains (which has big stations like Piccadilly and Victoria), inter-city buses (Shudehill station), trams, buses and of course taxi. I found Piccadilly Gardens attracts most tourist with its Manchester Wheel.

As a traveller visiting Manchester, I found  a lot of halal food and restaurant located along the road around Rusholme. Major Muslim cuisine are available here at Wimslow Road, Manchester. If you want to satisfy your hunger, come to Rusholme and enjoy your meal.

There are many  restaurants at Wimslow Road. One of them is Al Jazeera. You can taste Arab cuisine at Al Jazeera.If you come at night, this area is well lit with colorful lights and looks vibrant.

Cosy atmosphere at upper stair of Al Jazeera

Rice and grilled chicken at Al Jazeera
Al Jazeera
Wing Yip supermarket offers oriental food.
For those who like to cook Asian food themselves, you can buy raw materials like chilly sauce, wantan mee, prawn paste, fish essence (budu), and other oriental food from a Chinese supermarket in the city, This Chinese supermarket offers large variety of oriental food imported from Malaysia, Thailand, India, Pakistan, China and Hong Kong.

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