Saturday, November 15, 2014

Line Clear Nasi Kandar, Penang , MALAYSIA

If you visit Penang, you must not miss the opportunity of eating Nasi Kandar (Rice with curry). There are lots of restaurants here that offer this cuisine however, the one at Line Clear seems to attract lots of patrons. Every day at lunch hour or dinner, there are many people come to this restaurant.

This restaurant is actually located at  the annex of a restaurant at the junction of Penang road and Lebuh Chulia. This annex restaurant can easily accommodate 100 diners at a time. I found its roof can be close or open by a pulley. There is a car parking area at the back where you can access it via Lebuh Chulia.

There are many types of dishes being served here. They include deep fried chicken, curry fish head, curry fish, boiled eggs, fried squid, fried prawn, cucumber, pickled cucumber (acar), vegetables and other sea food. The service is fast and  a plate of rice with big prawn and a fried chicken may cost RM30.00.

To get the food, you must queue and ask the "waiter" what dish you want. Do not simply order as it has financial implication that you have to pay. Ask the price of each item so that you can make some adjustment to your purse.

If you visit this restaurant, I recommend you order the big prawn. Its taste is really good.

Overall environment of the restaurant

Fish head curry

Choice of food

Special food for special people?

Prawns and squids

Some of the patrons

Fried chicken

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  1. The restaurant sounds familiar. It is listed among the best places for Nasi Kandar in Georgetown - Georgetown’s top 5 nasi kandar.