Sunday, November 9, 2014

A Glimpse of Penang Hill, MALAYSIA

Penang Hill or locally known as Bukit Bendera is located in Air Itam, 10 km south-west of Georgetown, Malaysia. With its 832 metres above sea level, Penang Hill commands good view of the city of George Town, Penang's capital and the mainland of Peninsular Malaysia (Seberang Perai).

To go up the hill, the State government has provided the public with the furnicular railway transport with a small fee. The railway recently  being refurbished and modernised its coach with a faster speed. I found its speed is much faster than the Peak Tram in Hong Kong! Others who do not like taking the train, they can walk up using the paths already there. There are also a few roads leading to the hill but it is only suitable for 4 wheel drive vehicles such as jeep or land rover.

Penang Hill is a heritage hill for Malaysia. It consists a lot of histories and of course has rich bio-diversity. Development around the hills is encroaching and if they are not properly controlled, it may adversely affect the environment of the hill with serious slope erosions and landslides.

Going to the hill, you must go to a small town of Air Itam. There is a public bus Rapid Penang (number 204) from the city ferrying passengers to and fro. The bus  will certainly stop at the front gate of the Penang Hill station.

The tickets  going up the hill for adult (return) is around RM30.00 and children RM15.00. But those with mykad get 50% discount. This train operates 5.30 am in the morning and end up at night.

The old coach is no more. The new coach introduced in 2012 is new design and faster too. At the hill top, there are entertainment spaces and a few buildings such as  hotel, restaurants, a police station, playground for kids, performance area, deck viewing and photograph taking.

Lower Station

The coach

Bellevue Hotel at the  top of the hill.

Meseum, Restaurants and Viewing Deck

Activity Area

Cliff Cafe

Visitors taking photograph

Outdoor activity for the children

The writer

Covered walkway to the train station.

Lock and cupid at the viewing deck similar to Seoul hill top.

Viewing deck

Another view of walkway

Old coach being displayed.

Seating place (covered)  for the public to relax, rest or watch performaces

Railway track

Railway track and small tunnel

Performance  monitoring

The driver

A happy family posing for the camera.
Those who had experienced riding Peak Tram in Hong Kong certainly will like this train too.


  1. penang hill is a nice resort hill station, i have been there 4 times and always loved the scenery and the landscapes, nice photo and please keep it up

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