Monday, September 20, 2010

KL Tower: A tower with a revolving restaurant

This tower is situated at Bukit Nanas in Kuala Lumpur (which is 94 metres above sea level). The height is 421 metres. It is the tallest communication tower in Kuala Lumpur. On top of it, there is a revolving restaurant where you can see Kuala Lumpur panorama. The area surrounding the tower is all green with tall and shady trees.

KL Tower seen from a different angle.
The tower reminds me of the Seoul N Tower in the city of Seoul, South Korea. Seoul N Tower has a commanding view of Seoul while KL Tower too has KL panorama. The revolving restaurant offers many cuisine of various countries. You need to book the seat and the price for dinner per pax is around RM100.00. You will enjoy being on the tower. There is a fast elevator to bring you to the top. There is ample parking spaces for buses and cars at the base of the tower.

If you are interested to visit this tower, you can take a monorail from KL Sentral to Bukit Nanas and walk to the tower. Or you may take a taxi from any LRT station (nearest Dang Wangi Putra Line). Happy travelling.

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