Friday, September 3, 2010

Ben Tanh Market Saigon: A Must Visit

There are several markets in Saigon where you can go and shop around. One of them is Ben Tanh Market. Located in the busy town centre close to bus terminal and near Saigon river, Ben Tanh market offers many products for the shoppers. It has a wet market where the flowers, fruits, rice, bread, coffee, vegetables, fish and meats are sold and the dry market items where clothes, shirts, and souvenirs are abundant.

Ben Tanh Market, view from the round about.

Inside the Market.

Souvenirs being sold at the market.

The market has four gates: east, west, north and south. The north gate is the entrance from Le Tanh Ton Street. The exterior architecture of the market looks a bit colonial with a clock tower. This market is a single storey market and is packed with small stalls inside. It has segments such as clothes section, souvenirs section, food stall section etc. You will be fascinated by the way they call you to their stall. Be alert on the pick pocket. When you buy clothes or tee shirt, be careful, the opening price may be high and you need to bargain.
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