Monday, March 29, 2010

Halal Food In Seoul

Many people especially the Muslims who visited Seoul in South Korea do not know where to find the halal food. I had seen them "starved" for no reasons. I knew this when I met a lady in Everland Theme Park asking about the halal food. I told her there were lots of restaurants which serve halal food. Many of these restaurants were located in Itaewon, Seoul, near the Seoul Mosque. You just walk from the Itaewon Underground Station to the south-east as shown in the picture.

A is the Itaewon Underground Station while B is the Seoul Mosque (on the hill). Road leading to the mosque has many halal restaurants.
Itaewon is located to the south of the city centre.  There is a big mosque on the hill with the commanding view. Around the mosque, there are many halal restaurants and halal stores selling halal meat and other daily groceries. Ashoka restaurant is located at Hamilton Hotel nearby, Moghul restaurant is next to it, Evergreen Halal Food restaurant is just across the road from Hamilton hotel. You can find Indian and Arabian food along this road. The price is okay. Most halal restaurants are managed by Turkish and Pakistani Muslims. This area is well connected with the underground trains.

If you walk from the underground station to the mosque, you will find it on the left before you turn left to the mosque.

If you are staying in Dongdaemun, you can take subway trains line 1 and connect to  line 6 at Dongmyo and then pass a few stations to Itaewon station. These restaurants are close to this station.

Happy travelling.

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