Saturday, March 27, 2010

Opinion on City Preference

My friends always asked me of all the places or cities that I have visited, which one is the best. This question is tricky to answer. It depends on what you are looking for. Most people enjoy visiting places because they don't get cheated and feel safe, had good food and a good place to stay . Some go beyond that. They are looking for other things such as cheap packages, entertainment, picturesque places, or enjoy meeting people.

To me, visiting european cities is worth doing. You can feel the four seasons (for those in the tropics), different culture and environment. They have unique histories. London, Glasgow, Paris, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Nice, Rome, Florence, Venice, Bonn or Berlin are examples.

I  found Mecca is the most enjoyable and most satisfying visit because I feel very calm. I also can pray in front of the Kaabah and doa to Almighty Allah to forgive me whatever wrongs that I had done all the years. Mecca is also a good place to visit due to its past histories and its name was mentioned in the Holy Quran.

Next city which I think worth visiting are cities in New Zealand.Why? New Zealand cities are beautiful due to their natural setting with mountain and lakes , fiords, rivers etc (the results of the glaciation). If you think of cost, I think it is cheaper to visit east asian cities like Hanoi, Bejing, Shanghai, Bangkok, Jakarta, Bandung or Bali. Agree with me?

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