Saturday, February 22, 2014

Visiting Bali

Recently I visited Bali Island, one of the many thousand islands in Indonesia. Located far east of Indonesia, Bali offers a lot of attraction to the tourists (which comes to 4 millions tourist a year). Bali has a lot of rituals and almost everyday you see many occasions (upacara). Upacara means ceremony such as burying the dead, wedding or death.

Bali has a few small towns around the island, being Kuta is the most visited place. Other towns include Denpasar, Ubud, Sanur, Nusa Dua, Negara and Singaraja. Bali has mountains too especially the northern part.

For those who like water sport (surfing), they better stay near Kuta beach. Those who likes arts and tradition or culture can stay around Ubud. Those who likes conferences or wish to hold international conferences, can stay around Nusa Dua. Last not least, those who prefer quiet life, can stay around Uluwatu, south-east of Bali. Now lots of wedding receptions happen around Uluwatu.

A lady selling flowers

T-shirts and souvenirs

Legian Street
Art Gallery in Kuta
Well, if you want to visit Bali for sightseeing, you need at least 4 days to do. The first day is for walking around Kuta, the happening area. Second day to the northern part of Bali to Bedegul until Singaraja or Lovina beach (to watch wild dolphin). The third day to the south including Ubud, Sanur, Nusa Dua and Uluwatu. The forth day is to Tanah Lot and Negara.

Whatever  location of your accommodation  that you choose, you should properly plan your visit to those places. If not you will waste lot of time unnecessarily.

In terms of budget, certainly you need to have sufficient money to pay  for the accommodation, internal travel,  food, entertainment or going for body massage or reflexology.

There are many restaurants around these town centers  which you need not worry. However, for halal food, you need local people to tell you where to get halal food. Normally, rumah makan selling Padang Cuisine is halal. Night shopping in Kuta is around Jalan Legian.

Main roads in Bali are narrow. But new toll-expressway from Sanur to Nusa Dua is wide. You can rent a bike or motorbike while holidaying here.

Happy travelling.

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