Saturday, March 23, 2013

Halal Food in Guangzhou

Recently I visited Guangzhou, China. This time I ventured Guangzhou on foot, train, bus and Metro. It was quite hectic but I am satisfied as I learned more.

I found a few restaurants near Xiaobei, one stop from Guangzhou Metro station (line 5). The restaurants are Hydramayt Restaurant (serving Arabian, Indo Pakistani dishes); Al Jazeera (serving Arabian Middle East cuisine); Bukhara Restaurant and Salam restaurant serving halal Chinese dishes, and Uncle Cafe (serving Beriani rice, curry and nan ). The first four are located near the station i.e. Huanshi Road Middle while Uncle Cafe is located 400 meter away. Salam Restaurant is located on the first floor of Donfranc Hotel, Baohanzhi Road).The price relatively higher than the normal Chinese restaurants as the food served is based on your order (no ready made).

Toothpic beef, fried prawn etc are served at Salam and Bukhara Restaurants.

Al Jazeera Restaurant, opposite the Hydramayt Restaurant.

Nan and breads are sold at road side at Baohanzhi Street near the wet market.

Hydramayt restaurant on the second floor of this building.

Road side stall, Baohanshi Street.

Located at Xiatang road west

The nan is crispy and the curry is ok. Uncle cafe served a delicious Chicken Beriani rice. Hydramayt and AlJazeera serves many kinds of food to your taste where you have many choice to choose.

For those who look for cheaper halal food, you can stroll along Baohanzhi Road nearby where you can find small halal eating shops and street mobile stalls.

If you come in a large group certainly, those restaurants can accommodate all of you. Happy travelling.

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