Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Shasha and Son Hotel, Bukhara

Recently I visited the ancient Bukhara, Uzbekistan and stayed at this hotel, Shasha and Son at Pir-3 Street. It is located right in the town centre along Bahaudin Nashbandi Street. I found this hotel is very unique in terms of decorations and its architecture. You also can experience staying in the old centuries building that was renovated.

It has  courtyards in between the rooms. Each room is uniquely decorated with wall papers of various designs and even corridors were not spared. You feel relax once you are inside the hotel. The writers or novelist perhaps will like this place.

There is Wifi facility and you can use it free of charge. The breakfast is good. The staff  is friendly, even the owner is friendly too. This boutique hotel attacts many visitors worldwide. You can contact this hotel via this number tel (998 65) 224-49-66, fax (998 65) 224-29-06 , email or web Beside this hotel, there are other hotels located around the area such as Hotel Devon Begi, Hotel New Moon, and AIST hotel.

Happy travelling.

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